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Application Of Fiber Laser Cutter In Household Appliances

2019-04-14 16:00 SENFENG,

Whether it is washing machines,electric pressure cookers,rice cookersand so on,the role of household appliances play an important rolein our moden life.However,these appliances are related to the material of stainless steel.

The traditional stainless steel cutting process has tool wear,low processing efficiency,and is prone to problems such as burrs, surface roughness,and deformation.In contrast,the advantages of laser cutting process have become a common choice for stainless steel processing enterprises.

laser cutting machinelaser cutter

Next,SENFENG Laser will take you know the advantage of laser cuttingmachine.

1.No machining stress, no deformation of the workpiece

People could use Laser cutting to deform steel plates,stainless steel, aluminum alloy and hard alloy plates without deformation cutting.

2.No secondary treatment,high processing efficiency

Itadopts the non-contact processing method,does not affect the deformation of the work piece,and the progress of the next process.

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