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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising Industry

2019-06-26 16:00 SENFENG,

At present, the overall development of China's advertising industry shows a downward trend, and the homogenization of fierce competition is becoming more and more serious. How to seize market share and improve their profitability at the same time has become the primary problem for advertising enterprises to solve.

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The characteristics of laser cutting machine exactly meet this trend, with its excellent cost performance, it provides a strong guarantee for the advertising company to improve its profitability.SENFENG Laser as an integrated supplier of laser cutting machine, hasown unique advantages and rich experience in the application of laser products in the advertising industry, which provides a new possibility for cracking the homogenization of the advertising industry. Compared with the traditional processing method, laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

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1.No machining stress, no deformation of the workpiece

People could use Laser cutting to deform steel plates,stainless steel, aluminum alloy and hard alloy plates without deformation cutting.

2.No secondary treatment,high processing efficiency

It adopts the non-contact processing method,does not affect the deformation of the work piece,and the progress of the next process.

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