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How To Choose Fiber Laser Cutting Gas And Pressure

2019-03-21 16:00 SENFENG,

When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting,according to the cutting plate material, you can choose different cutting gas.The choice of gas and pressure has great influence on the quality of fiber laser cutting machine.Next,SENFENGlaser will show you how cutting gas and pressure affect cutting quality.

Cutting gas and pressureeffect the cutting quality

1)The cutting gas is helpful for heat dissipation and combustion,and blow off the melt to obtain a better cuttingsurface.

2)When the cutting gas pressure is insufficient,the melting will occur during cutting, andthecutting speed can not meet the impact of production efficiency.

3)When the pressure of the cutting gas is too high,the cutting surface is rough and the seamis wide;at the same time,it will cause partial melting of the cutting section,which can not form a good cutting section.

fiiber laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine

The effect of cutting gas pressure on perforation

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