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Laser Cleaning Machine Used for Cultural Relic Protection

2018-08-16 16:00 SENFENG,

At present, as a kind of professional equipment for cultural relic protection, laser cleaning technology has been widely used in the world, especially in ancient buildings and various construction surface cleaning protection and repair, there are many successful cases.As we all know,the traditional cleaning methods include washing, dry cleaning, air drying, mechanical dust removal, Chemical reagent cleaning ans so on,but those cleaning methods will cause irreversible damage for cultural relics.So,Today SENFENG laser will show you why choose laser cleaning machine in cultural relic protection and cleaning.

laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine is based on the characteristics of the laser beam. Through the concentrating system, the laser beam can integrated into different diameters spot. In the same laser energy conditions, there are different the energy density from the laser beam or different power densities,so the laser can achieve a high concentration in time and space. Laser cleaning is the use of these features to effectively remove pollutants. The pollutants are instantly peeled off from the surface of the cultural relics. Another important aspect,it is a harmless way of cleaning, now this technology has been widely used in stone cultural relics, oil painting and other fields.In summary, metal, wood, stone and concrete, and composite materials all can be rinsed with the laser machine.

Now,SENFENG has SF200LC laser cleaning machine to fit for your clean business,you can choose 100/120/200W depends on your materials,and in order to keep the pace with the time,we will design more different model to demand the customer and technology.It is foreseeable that the laser cleaning will bring a green revolution to the cleaning industry.

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