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Laser Marking For Drug Information

2019-03-14 16:00 SENFENG,

With the strengthening of safety awareness,people pay more attention to the safety of drugs.People can directly trace the identification code on the drug packaging.It isobvious that the identification code of drugs playan importantrole in people's life.Next, SENFENGLaser will introduce you a laser marking machine specially designed for drug identification.

laser marking machine

The traditional medicine mark istoput a label on the bottle body.Many counterfeit products are directly peeling off the label on the medicine bottle and re-applying the new label,or erasing the ink mark,and these hidden dangers are very creepy.With the development of scientific and technological information and the medical industry,the establishment of a complete drug traceability system has been increasingly valued by the public and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Laser marking machine usingthe laser beam to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different materials.The laser marking machine can accurately print the corresponding supervision code in the medicine packaging box, which has the characteristics of non-contact,no pollution and high processing precision.More flexible,digital,text and graphics can be printed, and the number of lines and font size printed is not limited, users can also freely set as needed.

laser marking machinelaser marking machine

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