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Laser Welding Machine -A New Type Of Laser Machine

2018-11-19 16:00 SENFENG,

Nowadays, electronic products are gradually becoming more sophisticated, and the application of brittle materials such as ceramics and 3D glass is expanding. In this case, how to process these materials has become the core problem. As a new type of processing technology,senfeng laser welding machine has the characteristics of high precision, high speed , etc., which caters to the popularity of the current precision electronic products.

laser weldingmachine.jpg

Laser welding is widely used in the connection between metal parts and non-metal parts of mobile phones and the cutting and processing of brittle materials-glass.

laser welding machine

SENFENG laser focus on the production and development of laser cutting machines since 2004.We have a variety of machines, such as fiber cutting machines, CO2 cutting machines,laser welding machine etc., you can cut a variety of samples according to your processing needs.If you want to know more about our products ,please contact us.



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