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Senfeng Fiber Laser Marking Machine Working Principle

2017-03-15 16:00 

Fiber laser marking machine is equipped with a new laser ,which is replacement of solid-state lasers .
The principle of fiber laser marking machine:The computer through a special marking control software input requirements marking the text and design,set the text and the size of the pattern,the total marking area,set the laser beam walking speed and the number of repeated vibration .The mirror can be move under the control of the computer,control the laser beam on the workpiece marked with the text and graphics.
SENFENG laser fiber laser marking machines assembly this kind fiber laser with the advantage of high speed and high precision.The fiber laser cutting machine with the little fiber device and air cooling system .With good beam quality, the stability of output laser power,it is easy to adjust the marking effect.

The fiber laser marking machine is mainly composed by the laser,vibration lens, marking card of three parts.This kind of laser marking machine,which have good beam quality,and its output center is 1064nm,the machine life last 100,000 hours ,much longer life,electro-optical conversion efficiency of 28% or more,the fiber laser markers is energy saving and environmental protection.

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