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The Application Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Metal Lampshade

2019-02-08 16:00 SENFENG,

Lampshade,plays an important role in modern home decoration.As people's living standards improved,the requirements for household items are getting higher and higher.Metal, with a personalized laser pattern made of lighting, is widely loved by people.Next,SENFENG Laser will showyou a fiber cutting machine for metal lampshade.

metal  Lampshademetal Lampshade

In the process of cutting,fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high processing speed,high precision,which makes our lighting products cannot only design according to the individual need,but also have fine workmanship.

The special advantages of laser cutting machine in the metal lampshade industry are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.Laser cutting technology belongs to non-contact processing.The whole process belongs to CNC machining,no contact and no deformation.

2.The laser cutting machine is not limited by the pattern,with high and precision,the original cold metal material can be processed into an artistic pattern,and the effect of the light makes the metal pattern more exquisite and high-end.

Metal lampshadeprocessing is very popular in the market today, not only can improve your processing efficiency, but also save costs.Dear friends,if you want to know more about fiber laser cutting machine,please contact us.



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