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Why Choose Laser Marking Machine for Auto Parts Mark

2018-09-17 16:00 SENFENG,

A car is made up of a myriad of autoparts, in order todistinguish, identify and manage the complex and diverse parts,the manufacturerneed tomakesurface marksto identifyinginformation.So there are more and moreauto parts manufacturers pay more attention to the laser marking machineand the laser marking technology,why those manufacturer choose laser marking machine to replace thetraditional mark or engrave processing methods, looking the following details to get it.

Before we talk about the advantages of laser marking machine,Why we can choose laser marking machine, because most of automotive partsmade by metal or some non metal, for example, acrylic, plastic, or ceramics, all those materials is easy marking by laser marker.When you Choose the laser you will find the following advantages.

High precision: the accuracyof lasermarkingprocess within millimeters, it canmark complex graphic very well.

Materials: Laser marking machine are suitable for most automotive parts and materials, including metal or non-metal.

High efficiency: The lasermarking machine work with high speed, and recently we design one new model SF200FF that with assembly line,it will faster than the normal model.

Nice performance: the laser marker can engrave different depthsonthe accessories,and not only mark the black and white but colorful graph.

Now the laser marking system isused for marking of two-dimensional code, barcode, clear code, production date, serial number, logo, pattern, certification mark, warning mark and other information. It includes various accessories such as automobile wheel arc, exhaust pipe, engine block, piston, crankshaft, acoustic light-transmitting button and label.

Dear friend, if you have any question about laser marking machine,why not to leave me your message to get more.SENFENG as a professional laser machine manufacturer,we pay our attention to the laser machine design and production since 2004.SENFENG will your trustworthy business partner!

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