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3D Robot Laser Automation System SF-20RFLS


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3D Robot Fiber laser Machine

3D Robot Laser Automation System


fiber laser marking features


3Drobotlaserautomationsystem SF-20RFLS integrated laser cutting, welding, cleaning and marking,It will help customers achieve flexible plan, production tracking and quality monitoring.It not only improve the equipment utilization, reduce the quality unqualified conditions and manufacturing costs, shortening lead times, but also achieve intelligent and digital production.

1.It is an innovative laser equipment that combines laser cutting, welding, cleaning, marking and handling system, by using the FNUC M-20iA robot body to ensure stable operation and high precision work process.

2.Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding has high speed, deep welding depth and small deformation, the weld strength is higher than workpiece itself and with stable and high quality weldingseam.

3. Combine the laser marking and robots system will greatly expands the application of laser marking, It can achieve marking depends on the different workpieces and trulyachieve the multiplefunctions

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