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SF1325GL Metal&Nonmetal Laser Cutter


Product Introduction

1)working area:1300mm*2500mm
2)laser tube:150W/280W optional 300W
3)Italy imported belt transmission system

Product details

metal and nonmetal laser cutter

SF1325GL Metal & Nonmetal Laser Cutter

metal and nonmetal parameters

SF1325GL Metal & Nonmetal Laser Cutter

metal and nonmetal features

SF1325GL metal and nonmetal laser cutter


SF1325GL Metal& Nonmetal Laser Cutter is equiped with co2 laser tube,can be used for cutting metal sheet such as carbon steel,stainless steel and nonmetalmaterials such as acrylic,die board,MDF,plywood,etc.

Feature of the metal and nonmetal laser cutters:

1.Anti-dust system to avoid the dust,improve the lift of rail and belt,make the machine work more steadily .

2.The machine side with Streamlined adornment,improve the visual effect.it's more popular in the market.

3.Blade surface and shell side surface at the same height,it's more convenient for up-down loading .

4.Laser cover with the laser head outside. Convenient for the operator to monitor the process at real-time.

5.With the improved panel, electrical appliances'layout more neat. beautiful and reasonable,further to eliminate interference.

6.Reasonable distribution of electric appliances,optimizing the heat dissipation effect.

7.Use imported Italy synchronous belt,make sure processing stability and high precision .

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