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SF200C Co2 Laser Marking Machine


Product Introduction

1)standard marking area:100mm*100mm/200mm*200mm/300mm*300mm
2)laser power:50W/60W/80W/100W
3)cooling system:water cooling

Product details

co2 laser marking machine

SF200C Co2 Laser Marking Machine


SF200C Co2 Laser Marking Machine


1.SF200C Laser marking machine features high precision, fast speed,and controllable marking depth as well as long long continuous working hour with maintenance-free.
2.Using Co2 glass laser device,which is economical,by the way of rear focusing .
3.The optical system can up-and-down back-and-forth freely.
4.Dedicated industrial-control computer,is adaptable and has high capacity of antijamming,working stably to enable continuous and stable operation all day long .
5.Adopting red dot positioning system to make an accurate position to avoiding Wasting material.
6.Compatible with regular image format(bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,etc) ,vector image format(ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc )and image processing fuction(grey conversion,black and white image conversion,and net point processing )
7.With multiple control tools,users can freelly interact the control system with the external equipments
8.Support multi-language.

applicable industry

Applied industry:art craft,funiture,leather,sign board,food package,electronic components,medicine package,printing,brand plate.

Applicable material:
non-metal such as leather,rubber,wood,bamboo,acrylic,ceremic tile,plastic,marble,jade,crystal,cloth etc.

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