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SF6040E Laser Engraving Machine


Product Introduction

1)working area:600mm*400mm
2)laser power:40W,50W,radio-frequency tube 10W,15W,30W
3)laser type:co2 glass laser tube or radio-frequency tube

Product details

small laser engraver01

SF6040E laser engraving machine

parametersSF6040E laser engraving machine



co2 laser cutting machine


1.High speed.The maximum speed can be 1200mm/s which greatly improves working efficiency.
2.Precise engraving.Professional engraving optical lens with more stable light beam and accurate postpositional red light position are adopted.
3.Convenient putting in and putting away of materials.Working space can be opened totally and platform can be adjusted by up-and-down device.
4.Engraving speed and precision can be up to leading level in China.
5.Design software of CAD,CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP are all supported for friendly human-computer interface and demand of the industries on-the -spot.
6. It is mainly used for processing crafts and gifts such as engraving on wooden boards, acylic and double -color boards.

applicable industry

SF640E co2 laser machine samples

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